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Bill Vogler, president and CEO of Pinebrook Family Answers, talks about working with Mark Aurand during a merger of two not-for-profits as well as Mark’s ongoing support.

Tremayne and Gracie Tatem, co-owners of KNW+ LLC , a sales and  marketing agency for mobile applications and emerging technology, share their experience working with Mark Aurand.

“Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center retained Attorney Aurand to serve as counsel for our merger. Non-profit mergers are always complicated, even when both parties agree on the terms, so Mark worked with us to carefully explain the merger process, to help us navigate each step, and to prepare and submit the final documents on our behalf. Throughout the entire process, we were engaging with a thoughtful, dedicated, and mission-oriented attorney. The flat rate we negotiated with him enabled us to ask the questions we needed to ask without concern for our modest non-profit budget, and he was responsive every step of the way.”

Adrian Shanker | Founder & Executive Director
Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center

“Having worked with closely with a number of legal professionals throughout my career, I see the difference when an attorney can focus in a practice area to anticipate and understand clients’ needs. By creating a law firm solely focused on the needs of non-profits and small businesses, and by keeping overhead costs low to provide services competitively and transparently, Mark and his colleagues are able to serve clients in ways that no other attorneys in our community can.”

Megan Beste
Taggart Associates

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